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Artesia will come at the time of reckoning. When evil has furthered their cause to the point of no return, she will come to deliver the final blow. She will not allow even the smallest trace of life to remain, and she has the power to extinguish it absolutely.


Added on August 20, 2017 to the Art of War Card Pack.

Name origin[]

Artesia is an epic fantasy comic book series authored and illustrated by Mark Smylie. Artesia is also the name of the heroine of the cycle. Smylie has described her as a "Pagan Joan of Arc", to use a popular reference, while noting that the closest historical model is the Irish Queen Medb. The series is noted for its depiction of feudal politics, intrigue, and power struggles, its complex mythology and world history, and its strong female characters.

Additional Info[]

Can be fully customized into six possible variants with element and skill of user's choice with special elemental crests.