(Disconcerted) Inquiring Palmiro


When Plamiro reached the city, he found its crazed populace was in the midst of celebration. None heeded his presence as he skulked through the alleys in search of the mastermind. However, his head began to ring with thoughts that were not his own, insisting he join the festivities. He pushed such irrational notions from his mind, verbally reprimanding himself to maintain focus. Regardless, he felt it would not be long before they would have their way...


See Inquiring Palmiro.

Name originEdit

Palmiro is an Italian masculine name of Latin origin; the meaning is "pilgrim; city of palms". The first name is derived from the medieval Latin word palmiere (meaning "palmer, pilgrim"), in reference to one who had visited the Holy Land (a pilgrim to Palestine); the word is itself derived from palmarius, a derivative of palma meaning "palm tree", because of the custom of pilgrims to bring palm fronds home with them.

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