(Devoid) Death-Haunted Summoner Koo


The realization her life was destined to be brief slowly numbed Koo's heart. That was why she did not fear when a god of death did approach her, albeit with a promise of power. "And I will hold your soul as collateral, while you pay interest with the ones you reap in turn."


Added on November 14, 2016 to the Magnum Opus Card Pack.

Name originEdit

Gu (also spelled "Ku" and "Koo") is a family name of the Chinese and Korean people. The most common family name 顾 literally means "to care for". The family name Gŭ (谷, meaning "valley"), came about when a noble family of the Zhou Dynasty was rewarded a fief in a valley area. The descendants of the family adopted the name to link their lineage to that history.

Additional InfoEdit

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