(Destiny) Samsara the Everlasting


The only way to escape the circle of death and rebirth is to live a pure, honest life. Only an utter fool would dare defy her will. After being seared by her scorching flames and cut down by her fearsome scythe, she will add insult to injury and reincarnate them as a lowly worm.


See Samsara the Everlasting.

Name OriginEdit

Saṃsāra or Sangsāra (Sanskritसंसार) (in Tibetan called 'khor ba (pronounced kɔrwɔ [IPA] in many Tibetan dialects) literally meaning "continuous flow", is the repeating cycle of birthlifedeath and rebirth (reincarnation) within HinduismBuddhism,TaoismBönJainism, and Yoga. In Sikhism this concept is slightly different and looks at our actions in the present and consequences in the present.

Source: Wikipedia [1]

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