(Destination) Lightsick Prudencia


Prudencia wanders nightly without purpose, only pausing when captivated by the scenery. She knows not when her journey will end, nor what she will find, merely enjoying what fleeting bliss she encounters. Even should the following night bring clouds, the moon will never fall from the sky, and so she continues after its beckoning rays.


See Lightsick Prudencia.

Name originEdit

Prudencia is a Spanish variant of English and French feminine name Prudence of Latin origin; the meaning is "caution, care, prudence, discretion". Prudentia is a female form of the Latin Prudentius, derived from the element prudens meaning "prudence, good judgement, provident". Male equivalents are Spanish Prudencio and Italian Prudenzio.

Additional InfoEdit

Featured on the banner of Battle Royale XXXII Event.

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