(Delivering) Gloria, Spreading Joy


The numerous worldwide disasters had left everything in a sorry state. Humans were depressed and pessimistic, even as the Christmas season approached. Gloria knew this, which was why she decided to bring special presents to the villages. Hauling everything down the snow-covered streets were difficult, yet the smiles on everyone's faces would be worth the effort. She waited by the chimney of each house after she dropped the gifts to hear the cheers of joy. As she progressed through each street, the towns filled with mirth and celebration.


See Gloria, Spreading Joy.

Name OriginEdit

Gloria is an English, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish feminine name of Latin origin. It is derived literally from the word gloria with the meaning "glory". The name was first borne by one of the characters in the George Bernard Shaw play "You Never Can Tell" (1889), and it was later adopted by English speakers in the early 20th century.

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by Jae-woo Shim aka crazyred.

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