(Decision) Foolish Lugal in Love


Word spread through the land that a new king had officially taken the throne and called for a witch hunt. Many young ladies were pursued through the streets and executed. The object of Lugal's affections had no choice but to flee the town and again venture into the forest. Lugal found that he could not abandon her, even if it meant betraying his fellow werewolves. Rather than fight with the claws he was born with, he chose to wield a sword in each hand. He had decided to live not as a werewolf, but as a person.


See Foolish Lugal in Love.

Name OriginEdit

Lugal is the Sumerian cuneiform sign for leader from the two signs, meaning "man, big", and was one of several Sumerian titles that a ruler of a city-state could bear (alongside en and ensi, the exact difference being a subject of debate). The sign eventually became the predominant Sumerian term for a King in general. In the Sumerian language, lugal is used to mean an owner (e.g. of a boat or a field) or a head (of a unit such as a family).

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by Changming Xu aka ChangMing.

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