(Decided) Shemhaza, Angel No More


The angels found a fallen angel standing in their way, protecting the people... Witnessing the scene, the inhabitants of the Cursed Kingdom cheered. Leading a flock of some 200 fallen angels, Shemhaza engaged in battle with the angels of the Heavens. "You god-serving filth only save those prideful fools who worship you. It's time to see which of us is truly on the side of justice." Shemhaza had resolved to save the people, even if it meant betraying the gods themselves. She thrust her sword into the host of angels.

Name originEdit

Samyaza (Aramaic: שמיחזה, Greek: Σεμιαζά) also Shemhazai is a fallen angel of apocryphal Jewish and Christian tradition that ranked in the heavenly hierarchy as one of the Grigori (meaning "Watchers" in Greek). The name 'Shemyaza[z]' means 'infamous rebellion', the combination of 'shem' [meaning 'name' or 'fame' {whether positive or negative}] + 'azaz' [which means 'rebellion' or 'arrogance' as a negative particle]. Michael Knibb lists him as “the (or my) name has seen” or “he sees the name”. The interesting thing about the second interpretation is there is a tale about Semjâzâ knowing the explicit name of God and making a deal with a human (Istahar) to tell her the name.



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