(Deceptive) Evil White Sorceror Ian


White magic was called "divine" for its astounding capabilities. It could instantly revive corpses, heal illness, purify evil, and destroy all of creation. People trusted Ian, for they believed that no one who could so effortlessly control white magic could be wicked. Ian used that trust to usurp an entire kingdom. He would use his power to enforce peace at all costs. His ambition was beginning to come to fruition.


See Evil White Sorceror Ian.

Name originEdit

Ian, Iain is a name of Gaelic origin, corresponding to English John; the meaning is "God is gracious". The original form of the name Eóin originated in the Irish language; Ian is an anglicisation of the Scottish Gaelic version of the name Iain. It is a very common name in much of the English-speaking world and especially in Scotland, where it originated. Ian was the 19th most common male name.

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