(Deathless) Vile Commander Gustavus


Gustavus was commanded by the Shadow King to assail the armies of the land. Yet he obeyed not out of fear, nor did he fight for the sake of any one being. He continued his rampage to fulfill his own greed. He had no intention of ceasing until he commanded every soldier and turned Neotellus into his massive battleground.


See Vile Commander Gustavus.

Name originEdit

Gustavus is a masculine name Old Norse origin, is used mainly in English; the meaning is "royal staff; staff of the gods; staff of the Goths". From Old Norse, the first element could be from got ('god") or gautr ("Goth"), and the second element stafr ("staff"). Gustavus is a Latinised form of the Czech, English, French, German, Romanian, and Scandinavian Gustav (a common name for Swedish monarchs). In French it is Gustave; in Italian, Portuguese and Spanish Gustavo; in Finnish Kustaa. Another etymology speculates that the name may have a Slavic origin, through Swedish, from "Gostislav", a compound word from Old Slavic "Gost'" ("guest") and "slava" ("glory").

Additional InfoEdit

Special Skill card for Battle Royale XV.

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