Waltraud EX


Waltraud's body transformed as her victims mounted. The remaining life from those she slew transferred to her, allowing her to retain her youthful appearance well into seniority. Known as "the Great Matron," she took no small number of prospective assassins under her tutelage, and one young girl with long, beautiful hair stood out in particular. It was Lauretta, her own granddaughter. Though Waltraud did not wish to teach her such dark ways, the eager girl's insistence was resolute.


See Great Matron Waltraud.

Name originEdit

Waltraud (Waltrawd, Wiltrud, etc) is a feminine name of German origin; the meaning is "strong rule" or "strong foreigner". It is derived from elements wald "to rule" or walh "foreigner" and trud "strength, power".

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by Marat Ars.

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