(Darkwings) Dragon Spirit Isadora


Isadora did not like hurting people, but she showed no mercy toward her enemies. Occasionally a pirate ship, a giant kraken, or even a mighty dragon would show up on the open seas. Clad in her black scales, she would unleash the power of the black dragon within her and decimate them. None could defeat her.


See Dragon Spirit Isadora.

Name OriginEdit

Isadora (Isidora) is a feminine name of Greek origin; Isidore (sometimes spelled Isidor, Isadore, or Isador) is a male variant; the meaning is "gift of Isis". Derived from Isídōros, a compound of Ísis and dōron "gift". Isis was the principal goddess of ancient Egypt.

Additional infoEdit

Artwork by Kazuhiro Oya.

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