(Darksky) Skylover Sheliel


Sheliel believed that if the humans were not stopped, they would lay ruin to sky, land, and sea. To preserve the natural environment for future generations, she decided to take matters into her own hands. The screams of the panicked townsfolk soothed her troubled soul. Despite her illness, she expended every drop of energy in her assault, shining as bright and beautiful as a shooting star.


See Skylover Sheliel.

Name originEdit

Sheliel is probably combined from name Shell and suffix -el meaning "god" in Hebrew (originally el is a Northwest Semitic word meaning "deity"), in which most angel names end. Shell is possibly short form of English, French, and German Michelle (Hebrew "who is like God"), English Rochelle (Germanic "battle cry, rest") or Shelley (Old English "sloped meadow"); it can also be simply from the English word shell, ultimately from Old English sciell.

Additional InfoEdit

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