(Darkrealm) Eternight Count Alfred


Though numerous adventurers came to thwart Count Alfred's plans and break his spell of darkness, none have succeeded. He surveys the land surrounding his estate, fully convinced he has claimed the world for his kind. However, he spies a band of humans fearlessly leading their Cryptids through the eternal night towards his dwelling. For the first time in his lengthy existence, he feels the foreboding anxiety of possible failure.


See Eternight Count Alfred.

Name OriginEdit

Alfred is a masculine name of Old English origin; the meaning is "wise, counsel". A two-element name, it is from the elements aelf meaning "elf, supernatural being" and raed "counsel, advice". The name could be derived from Aelfraed (Old English), meaning "inspired advice", or Ealdfrith (Old English) or Alfrid, meaning "old peace".

Additional InfoEdit

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