(Daring) Hawkins, Facing the Beast


Hawkins fought a tough battle with the beast guarding the treasure. Having perfected his swordplay by battling the pirates, he sliced off the beast's legs one after another. "I've come too far to die now!" The pirate king's treasure was in his sights. So close to achieving his childhood dream, Hawkins found renewed strength flowing through his veins. He pierced his blade into the body of the beast with a furious expression, as though he had become a fierce god.


Acquired by evolving Hawkins, Treasure Island Seeker with three Treasure Island Compasses.

Additional infoEdit

  • No more Treasure Island Compasses may be added to this card.
  • Once this card is evolved with Andrea, Treasure Map Bearer, no more Treasure Island Compasses may be added.
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