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(Dad) Shallistera, Creature's Child


Before he was transformed into the small, curious creature, "Dad" was a large, staunch man. Shortly after Shallistera was born, he was cursed by his magically inclined wife for his infidelity. Despite knowing the unvarnished truth, Shallistera searched far and wide for the mystic elixir that would undo the spell. She wished for nothing more than for the three to live together as a happy family once again.


See Shallistera, Creature's Child.

Name origin

Shallistera is a female character in role-playing video game Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea. She is a skilled 16-year-old alchemist from a family of ship leaders, she’s searching for a way to save a disaster-laden village.

Additional Info

Featured on the banner of Battle Royale XXVIII.

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