(Cycle) Gherasim, Wild Wind Spirit


With the descent of the muffling snow in the lethal winter chill also comes Gherasim to spread disaster amongst the people of Neotellus. As the avatar of hypothermic death, a mere touch is enough to encase one in ice, and his scepter summons blizzards violent enough to stifle all signs of life. However, his ominous presence is required, lest the masses let slip from their minds the need to prepare for the subzero conditions.


See Gherasim, Wild Wind Spirit.

Name originEdit

Gherasim is a Romanian and Moldavian spelling variant of Russian male given name Gerasim (Герасим); derived from Greek γεράσμιος Gerasimos, meaning "respectable, honorable, elder" where element γερας (geras) is either "old" or "honour".

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by Marat Ars.

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(Cycle) Gherasim, Wild Wind Spirit (Normal Card Image)

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