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Lyudia was raised as an assassin by a clandestine organization, obediently murdering at their command. She was nothing more than a toy at first, but, as her heart slowly awakened. she eventually came to desire freedom and fought against her masters to obtain it. Though she slew every last one, she lost what she loved most in exchange, and only had her instilled talents and their bewitching smoke to show for it.


Evolve Haze Assassin Lyudia with Lyudia's Diary Page eight times to get (Recollecting) Haze Assassin Lyudia and then evolve this card with (Smoldering) Haze Assassin Lyudia from the Ascension Saga Card Pack.

Name origin[]


Additional Info[]

Boosts the number of Event Items acquired by up to 4.0x regardless of Skill Level.