(Custom) Tiras, Steppe Huntress


On the night after her marriage, Tiras could not sleep from the anxiety in sensing her instincts fading. However, that anxiety soon vanished entirely, for she realized that the hunting customs she cherished would be upheld by her clan, including her own children. Her instinct had not faded, it had merely been passed to the new life growing inside her.


See Tiras, Steppe Huntress.

Name originEdit

Tiras was, according to Genesis 10 and Chronicles 1, the last-named son of Japheth who is otherwise unmentioned in the Hebrew Bible and thus a grandson of Noah; possibly means "desire" in Hebrew. According to the Book of Jubilees, the inheritance of Tiras consisted of four large islands in the ocean. Josephus wrote that Tiras became ancestor of the "Thirasians" (Thracians) — a "flame-haired" (red or blond haired) people according to Xenophanes. Tiras or Tyras in antiquity was also the name of the Dniester river, and of a Greek colony situated near its mouth.

Additional InfoEdit

  • Deals up to 10x the front line damage to the Bosses when evolved and at Level 10 during Royal Endgame Raid Event.
  • Artwork by Yang Mansik.
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