(Courteous) Alice & Gilberte


"Thank you so much for saving me!" "You are not saved yet, girl. You shall soon be my..." "I cannot thank you enough!" Gilberte was bewildered by Alice's reaction, for none had ever shown apprecation in becoming her sustenance. And, somehow, she found it difficult to sink her claws into the young maiden." "...I shall escort you to safety," Gilberte said, with great reluctance.


See Alice & Gilberte.

Name originEdit

Gilberte is used mostly in the French language and it is of Germanic origin; the meaning is "bright promise". Gilberte is a derivative of the Dutch, English, German, and Italian name Gilberta. Masculine name is Gilbert, a French variant of a Norman name (Old French origin).

Alice is a fictional character, the child protagonist of Lewis Carroll's children's novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1865) and its sequel, Through the Looking-Glass (1871). Alice is an English, French, Portuguese, Italian and Czech feminine name, the meaning is "of a noble kind". It is a feminized form of the Old French female name Alis (older Aalis), short form of Adelais, which is derivation from the Germanic name Adalhaidis, from the Germanic word elements adal meaning ″noble″ and heit meaning "kind, sort, type" or haid- meaning ″heath (land), heather″.

Additional InfoEdit

The DUO card featuring (Venture) Wonderland Wanderer Alice and (Two-Face) Gilberte, Eater of Death united.

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