(Contagious) Eliose the Afflicted


Eliose's body had been possessed by a demon of disease, and rather than resist it, she had decided to embrace it. Her entire body had turned a vivid shade of red, but she had successfully evaded death. Everywhere she went, she spread an ominous miasma that killed all who inhaled it. The gruesome outcome was of no consequence to her, for she remained alive.


See Eliose the Afflicted.

Name originEdit

Eliose could be a derivative of the Greek word ‘ηλιος (helios) "sun" or a misspelled variant of femininine name Eloise. Eloise is largely used in English, French, and Spanish. The name is of obscure origin; from the Old French name Héloïse, it could derived from the Germanic name Heilwidis or Helewis (Middle English), composed of the first element heill "hale, healthy, safe, whole" and the second element witu "wood, forest" or wit/wid "wide". It could also be a form of Dutch, English, French, and German Louise "famous warrior", a two-element name derived from hlud "fame, loud" and wig "fighter, warrior".

Additional InfoEdit

Considers as high cost-efficient card for Underworld Events.

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