(Clawed) Inia, Feline Mage


Substantial intellect was needed to wield magic, and, apparent in her delusion that she was human, precisely what Inia lacked.  Yet truth to be told, she never had need for magic at all.  A lithe body, flesh-rending claws, and night vision were more than enough to ensure her superiority over mankind.  And for her adorable appearance, she exhibited fearsome strength when angered.


See Inia, Feline Mage.

Name originEdit

Inia is a variant form of Swedish and Danish feminine name Inie, a pet form of Scandinavian feminine & masculine Inge and strictly feminine Inga. The name is in origin a hypocorism of names beginning in the element ing-, whether a reference to either the god Ing (an obscure old Germanic fertility god; in Scandinavian mythology he was the progenitor of the Yngling lineage, a legendary dynasty of Swedish kings) or to the tribe of the Ingvaeones (who were presumably in turn named for the god); both derived from the Germanic root *Ingwaz, possibly meaning "ancestor".

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by Pyeongjun Park aka Totorrl.

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