(Chevalier) Gifted General Janesce


Those who held any amount of Elvarran royal blood were blessed with an ethereal protector known as an "Anima," and no two manifestations of power were alike. Janesce's took the form of the mighty steed Spumador. Together, they galloped faster than the wind through the battlefields, striking down violent rebels. She believed there to be no greater duty than to protect the weak from such misguided ruffians.


See (Proven) Gifted General Janesce

Name originEdit

Janesce is probably a variant of modern feminine names American Janessa and English Janesse, a blend of English Jan or Jane (Hebrew origin, "gracious") and English and German Vanessa (an early-18th-century literary name of English origin created by Jonathan Swift, he rearranged the initial syllables of the first name and surname of Esther Vanhomrigh, his close friend).

Additional InfoEdit

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