(Char) Dark Thunderwielder Theresia


Theresia's overwhelming thunderpower reduced the fleeing masses to ash. She hadn't sided with the Shadow King out of a desire for combat or to gain his protection. She simply enjoyed turning people into smoking cinders, savoring the scent of their burning flesh.


See (Hate) Dark Thunderwielder Theresia

Name originEdit

Theresia is a German feminine name of Old Greek origin; the meaning is "hunter; harvest; guardian; woman from Therasia". The name could derived from the Old Greek ther (meaning "animal, game"), or else from other Greek word therízo meaning "harvest" or "guardian". Therasia is also the name of a small island to the west of Santorin. A form of the English and German names Theresa, Teresa, and Therese; French Thérèse.

Additional InfoEdit

Renewed Version of (Fry) Dark Thunderwielder Theresia.

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