(Challenger) Asura-Affronting Veda


Veda was unsatisfied with the tedium of the Heavens, believing her innate talent for combat would wither away. Casting aside her trepidation, she leapt astride her silver dragon and flew to the tumultuous Asura Realm below, where the profusion of warriors meant her swordplay would remain keen. Though her body ached from her opponents' vicious blows against her armor, her heart raced with exhilaration.


Added on March 21, 2019 to the Art of War Card Pack.

Name originEdit

The Asuras are a race of power-seeking deities in Hinduism. The Vedas are a large body of religious texts originating in ancient India.

Additional InfoEdit

Can be fully customized into six possible variants with element and skill of user's choice with special elemental crests.

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