(Caution) Timid Middle Sister


"Wh-what's going on? I hid behind a snowman without thinking, and now I can't find my sisters. But I shouldn't be so afraid. I'm more mature than my thoughtless sisters. They can't defend themselves, so it's up to me to protect them. Uh-oh, I think something big is coming! Mama! Big Sis! I'm so scared!"


Acquired by evolving 3 Sisters, Seeking Angels' Cotton with one Warm Snowman to get (Winter Wind) Blessed Snowfall, then evolving with Family's Warmth to get (Caution) Snowmen and Hide & Seek, then evolving with an Arcane Water Crest.

Additional notesEdit

  • This card additionally offers a great chance to block Arise raid boss attacks, in addition to it's regular skill.
  • This card cannot be further evolved.
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