(Cast Away) Devoted Vampire Gaspard


Gaspard fought endlessly to return a debt he owed to the princess's ancestors. Seemingly without effort, the kingdom was able bring all the surrounding provinces into its domain within the aid of the vampire's peerless strength. On the nights of a full moon, when it reached its apex, Gaspard could defeat whole armies singlehandedly. Still, over time, the kingdom's populace grew afraid of him, demanding he be returned to the cellar once more. When the princess herself made the same request, he had no choice but to wait for when his powers were needed again.


See Devoted Vampire Gaspard.

Name originEdit

Gaspard is a Francophone male given name or family name of Old Persian origin; the meaning is "treasurer; keeper of the treasure, treasure holder". Derived from the elements ghaz meaning "treasure" and bar "to manage". A variant of the name Jasper (Dutch, English, French, and German), Caspar (Persian).

Additional InfoEdit

Anti-Secret Raid Boss Skill Card in Beauty by Design Raid Event. Deals up to 12x damage.

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