(Caregiver) Dark Servant Émilienne


The intruders who foolishly entered the castle were soundly defeated by Émilienne. Her master could only watch from behind, frozen out of fear. His fearsome appearance belied his weakness, and a single human soldier would be more than a match for him. "Milord, if tou are so frightened, please wait deeper within the castle," she told him. "But what if someone sneaks in...?" he replied. His shameful behavior did nothing to ease her mind. Was she a servant or a nanny?


See Dark Servant Émilienne.

Name OriginEdit

Émilienne is French feminine name of Latin origin; the meaning is "imitating, rivaling; work". Came from the Roman family name Aemilius, which was derived from the word aemulus "imitating, rivaling". A variant of the name Emily (English).

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by Puppet12345.

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