(Captivating) Irresistible Diarmid


Because of Diarmid's curse, his own sister Gráinne also fell madly in love with him. However, when he came to return her affection, his lord, MacCoul, sent him on a tour as punishment. He traveled for some years until hearing word that his country was on the brink of collapse and the knights had gone mad. His first thoughts were about his sister and her safely, so he returned home at once.


See Irresistible Diarmid

Name originEdit

Diarmid is an Anglicised form of Diarmaid, a masculine given name in the Irish language.

Additional InfoEdit

Boss Skill Card of the Torch of the Darkness Raid Event. Deals up to 14 times attack damage to Raid Bosses at Skill Lvl 10.

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