(Canny) Scurrius Warrior Averill


The scurrius were a social race, living and working in large groups, and so the wolves saw them as cowards who were unable to accomplish anything on their own. But Averill laughed at such notions, doubly so from the hypocritical dogs. They were easily riled by her taunts, and no matter how ferocious their assault was, she effortlessly sent them sprawling to the ground. Averill's honed skills were more than a match for the overconfident beasts.


See Scurrius Warrior Averill.

Name originEdit

Averill (Averil) is both feminine and masculine name of Old English origin; the meaning is "to open; boar-like in battle". It is derived from eofor "boar" and hild "battle, fight", the source phrase eofor hild with connotations of a ferocious fighter. Also a variant of April (English) and Avril (English and French), the month name often used to symbolize spring.

Additional InfoEdit

Special Skill Card against Raid Bosses in Beauty by Design Event. Deals up to 10 times attack damage.

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