(Bright Night) Lunar Sanctum Mísia


Once each day, Mísia bathes in the continuous brightness at the center of the Lunar Sanctum along the with her feline clientele. The moonlight absorbed into her delicate, glowing skin mingles with the blood flowing through her body, so that she begins to again let out pulses of magical energy. These pulses beckon any who may be within their influence to fall into a deep sleep and depart to the land of dreams.


See Lunar Sanctum Mísia.

Name originEdit

Misia is uncommon feminine name. "Lunar Sanctum" translates from Latin as "Moon Sanctuary", where Luna is "moon" and sanctus "sacred, holy place".

A sprite is a supernatural legendary creature. Sprites are often elf-like creatures, including fairies, and similar beings (although not earth beings), but can also signify various spiritual beings, including ghosts. The word "sprite" is derived from the Latin "spiritus" ("breath", "spirit"). The term is chiefly used in regard to elves and fairies in European folklore, and in modern English is rarely used in reference to spirits or other mythical creatures.

Additional InfoEdit

The Reg is the first unbound card in the Special Promo Login Box Card Pack from the start.

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