(Bloodfest) Yolanda, Gruesome Host

Lore Edit

Santa Claus and his Helpers came to retrieve the holiday gifts. Yolanda took advantage of this opportunity and tossed the intruders into the fireplace as well. As the stench of the burning flesh grew stronger, many of the demons began drooling and gurgling. Yolanda addressed them in a joyful voice: "Demons! Today is Christmas. Let us feast upon this flesh and be merry!" The demons' cheers filled the room. Yolanda was greatly enjoying her first Christmas party.


See Yolanda, Gruesome Host.

Name OriginEdit

Yolanda is a Spanish and English feminine name of Old Greek (Iolanthe) origin; the meaning is "violet flower; modest", from iole and anthos "flower". It's possibly could be also of Germanic or Latin origin. Variant of Yolande, a French form of Violet, Hungarian Jolanda, Czech and Slovak Jolantha.

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by James Ryman.

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