(Blanched) Storm Empress Avril


After becoming empress, Avril was unable to relinquish the Storm Harbinger. Enemy kingdoms invaded and challengers to her rule arose, requiring her to unsheathe it time and time again. With each swing, madness consumed more of her soul, and she became unable to tell ally from aggressor. The sword also granted her limitless vitality, allowing her to outlive everyone she ever knew. Avril had sacrificed everything for the sake of the throne and ultimate power.


See Storm Empress Avril.

Name originEdit

Avril is a French variant of an English feminine name April, also a surname. Derived from the name of the month "april" aprilis in Latin, probably originally derived from Latin aperire "to open", referring to the opening of flowers. The name is possibly inspired by the latter's association with spring and blossoms; has only been commonly used as a given name since the 1940s.

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by Yongjae Choi.

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