(Benignant) Tranquil Spirit Libby


Whenever the perfect sky-blue circle formed within the center of the spring, Libby was again reminded of the world above she had never seen. The gods offered her a single prophecy at the time she became a spirit of Neotellus: "When you have seen that sphere one thousand times, we will come for you." Still, thinking next on having to depart from the small creatures that adore her so, her heart also filled with sadness. Though she comforted her companions to relieve her own concern, she remembered not how many times had already passed.


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Name originEdit

Libby is an English and Hebrew feminine name of Hebrew origin; the meaning is "God is my oath, God is perfection". A diminutive form of English, Greek, and Hebrew Elizabeth, derived from Elisheva where el means "God, powerful" and sheba "oath, seven"; and Spanish, Portuguese, English, French, German Isabel.

Lapine (plural lapines) translates from French as "doe, female rabbit".

Additional InfoEdit

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