(Battlehoof) Horse Rescuer Delphine


The persistent enemy pursued and surrounded Rarh and Delphine. However, the horse whinnied loudly and motioned with his snout to his back. "You're recognizing me as your owner?" Emboldened by this, Delphine bravely rode Raul through the ring of foes, across the mountains into their country, then slew their king to claim revenge.


See Horse Rescuer Delphine

Name originEdit

Delphine is a feminine Francophone given name, a form of the Latin Delphina, meaning woman from Delphi.

Additional InfoEdit

  • Final stage of a 4-stage evolution.
  • Works against all Raid Bosses during the Trial of Helldorado Raid Event.

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(Battlehoof) Horse Rescuer Delphine (Normal Card Image)

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