(Bane) Barnett, Hero of Darkness


Barnett slaughtered everything without mercy. Be they human, elf, beastman, demon, or angel, suffered the same fate at his hands. He wanted nothing but to spread despair and destruction throughout the world. The dark spirit woman who granted Barnett his freedom laughed with mirth as she witnessed his unending massacre. Barnett gave no regard to the spirit's intentions as long as he was able to continue unleashing the hatred that had built up in his heart.


See Barnett, Hero of Darkness.

Name originEdit

Barnett is a masculine name of Old English origin, and the meaning is "burned clearing". Also possibly from the English aristocratic title "baronet". Other ranks of English nobility such as Duke, Earl, and Baron are occasionally used as given names.

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by Minki Shim.

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