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The Heavens fell into chaos after Julian and Amy ate the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life. Kiskil-lilla used this chance to sneak into the Heavens, bringing her beloved demon children along with her. They invaded Paradise, and Kiskil-lilla set the demons loose in the beautiful meadows. They had been forced to live outside of Paradise, but now she could give her children happiness... This was her mission. Kiskil-lilla had returned to Paradise, and she was prepared to strike down even the gods in order to stay there.


See Kiskil-lilla, Returned.

Name originEdit

Kiskil-lilla is a Sumerian variant transcription of Hebrew feminine name Lilith of Assyrian origin, derived from lilitu meaning "of the night, belonging to the night". Lili are Sumerian she-demons. The Hebrew Lilith and Akkadian Līlītu are female adjectives from the Proto-Semitic root LYL "night", literally translating as nocturnal "female night being/demon", other variants are "night creatures", "night monster", "night hag", or "screech owl".

Lilith is a female demon figure found in Mesopotamian mythology and Jewish folklore, associated with sexual temptation, storms, disease, illness, and death. In some Jewish mystical writings she is said to be the first wife of Adam; she was replaced by Eve and banished from Eden because she was not submissive to him; their offspring were demons and spirits. She was especially feared in medieval Judaism for her purported ability to harm young children, and amulets were once worn to protect children from Lilith's harm.

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by Dalisa.

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