(Aweless) Hoard-Crusher Lucinda


Where was once a sacred temple that doomed all who trespassed with death now rested a harmless heap of rubble. Using her "Eradication Lance," Lucina had obliterated the entire structure to its foundation, anathema and all. She lounged upon the lustrous treasure gleaming gold in the morning sun. Her eyes wandered across the result of her handiwork as the perspiration evaporated in the open air. After a night of vehement actions and emotions, the sensation of the gentle rain upon her skin was the greatest reward.


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Name originEdit

Lucinda is an English, Portuguese, and Spanish female given name of Latin origin. The name is a diminutive of Lucia or Lucy with the feminine suffix -inda, first created by Cervantes for his novel Don Quixote (1605); derived from Latin root lux meaning "light".

Additional InfoEdit

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