(Assertive Fable) Sleeping Beauty


The witch's curse had come to pass. The princess pricked her finger on a spinning wheel's needle and fell into a deep, deathlike sleep. Everyone else in the kingdom suffered the same fate and the land became covered with thorns, all but forgotten. However, the princess dreamt she was a knight. She surmounted countless trials and defeated numerous enemies until becoming the greatest fighter in the land. It was then she woke up, endowed with the exact same skills she had earned in her dream. Immediately taking a nearby sword in hand, she slew the witch herself to rouse her people. From that day forth, she was called the Rose Knight and continued to protect the kingdom's peace.


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Name originEdit

Sleeping Beauty (French: La Belle au bois dormant, German: Dornröschen) is a classic fairy tale about a princess who is cursed to sleep for a hundred years by an evil fairy, where she would be awakened by a handsome prince.

Additional InfoEdit

  • All stages are bound.
  • The Passive Skill Level is raised with Martial Dragons.

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