(Ascertained) Sanermal the Lunarian


Sanermal found herself beset time and again by emissaries from her home, retaliating when she recognized they were kinsmen. She came to understand she had been sent to invade Neotellus, but she refused to accept that as her purpose. In her travels, she had become attached to the planet, and decided to devote herself to its protection. Thankful for the failure of her assailants' master plan, Sanermal fought on with ferocity.


See Sanermal the Lunarian.

Name originEdit

Sanermal is probably composed of names San and Ermal. Feminine name San is of Hebrew origin, means "lily, rose", a variant of Susan and short form of Susanna. Masculine name San is a variant of Spanish, English, and Portuguese Santos "saints", derived from the word santo with the meaning "saint". Ermal is an Albanian masculine name, meaning "the smell of the forest" or "the wind of the forrest", where er=erë means "wind and also "smell" and mal means "forrest, woods".

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