(Apprehensive) Eve, New Assassin


Eve, who until now had led the conventional life of a commoner, infiltrated the dwarven mines alone to assassinate their king. Were she not devoting the whole of her focus upon remaining undetected, she may have solemnly reflected upon how poverty forced her into such a perilous, grisly profession.


Added on August 31, 2016 to the Magnum Opus Card Pack.

Name originEdit

Eve is an English and French name of Hebrew origin, meaning "alive, living one" or "source of life". From the Hebrew name Chawwah, which was derived from the Hebrew word chawah "to breathe" or the related word chayah "to live". A variant of Czech, Dutch, English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Scandinavian, Slavic, Spanish, Hungarian, Indian, and Polish Eva, originally Latin form.

Additional InfoEdit

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