(Aphotic) Belphegor, Morguesmith


Only the dead are allowed to set foot into the morgue of the underworld, for even the faintest sound of breathing will rouse Belphegor. Most foolish enough to sneak in to steal a cursed blade would soon become material for one themselves. The scant few who were successful would succumb to her slack nature during their flight and fall into depravity.


Evolving Belphegor, Morguesmith two times with Belphegor, Morguesmith and then with Arcane Water Crest.

Name originEdit

In demonology, Belphegor or Beelphegor (Hebrew "Lord of the Gap") is a demon, and one of the seven princes of Hell, who helps people make discoveries. He seduces people by suggesting to them ingenious inventions that will make them rich. As a demon, he is described in Kabbalistic writings as the "disputer", an enemy of the sixth Sephiroth "beauty". His role as a demon was to sow discord among men and seduce them to evil through the apportionment of wealth. Also according to some 16th-century demonologists, his power is stronger in April, he tempts by means of laziness; Belphegor is the chief demon of the deadly sin known as Sloth in Christian tradition.

Additional InfoEdit

Final card in 4-stage evolution.

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