Hinatsuki EX


Hinatsuki's eye's were as cold as ice as she dashed forward, a blur cutting through the enemy line. How many even realized the moment of their demise? She was like an imperceptible blane, leaving nothing in her wake but a trail of blood and the purest, silent death. Seen as a deadly tool herself, Hinatsuki knew her kunai was restless with the taste for blood, and that until there was none lfe to kill, she could not return.


See Shadowblade Hinatsuki.

Name originEdit

Hinatsuki is a combination of Japanese feminine names Hina and Tsuki. Hina is from elements 陽 (hi) "sun, sunlight" or 日 (hi) "day, sun" combined with 菜 (na) "vegetables, greens". Tsuki means "moon" or "month".

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