(Alleviator) Agria, Nature's Mender


Though Agria possessed miraculous curative powers, her refusal to use them for the benefit of humans earned their ire. When threatened by such irrational anger, the creatures whose lives she touched would rush to her defense. Agria herself did not desire strife, but worked to abolish impurity, savagery, and disorder from the world.


See (Gaia Nurse) Agria, Nature's Mender

Name originEdit

Agria translates from Spanish as "sour, bitter, acrid". Also Agria (Greek: Αγριά) is a town and a former municipality in Magnesia, Thessaly, Greece. There are some different opinions about the town's name. Some believe that the name comes from wild olive trees Agrielies (Αγριελιές), or a small plant named "Agriada" (Greek: Αγριάδα), or the name originated from an ancient temple, which existed in the region and was dedicated to Agrea Dimitra (Greek: Αγραία Δήμητρα).

Additional InfoEdit

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