(Affirmed) Mirrorbound Misurina


A summoner appeared before Misurina, his words convincing her to change her docile personality. Obeying her wicked inner voice, she grasped a dagger and began slashing away at innocent people with abandon. Seeing the beautiful deep crimson of the bloodspray gave her an exhilaration she had never experienced before. The summoner returned holding a tome, and led her to a place where "she could kill to her heart's content." Misurina did not care about his supposition, so long as there was fresh blood to spill en route.


See Mirrorbound Misurina.

Name originEdit

In the folklore there is a legend associated with Lake Misurina (Italian: Lago di Misurina; Cadorino dialect: Lago de Meśorìna), the largest natural lake of the Cadore. Misurina is a little capricious and spiteful girl who lives literally held in the palm of the hand of her gigantic father, the king Sorapiss that, to fulfill another desire and obtain for her the magic mirror from the Queen of Monte Cristallo, he is transformed into a mountain. During the last stages of the transformation he sees his daughter fall and her tears flow like rivers and form the lake beneath which his daughter will forever lie with the magic mirror.

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by Alon Chou.

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