(Acrobat) Thief Aesthete Fabiano


Despite committing his crime completely unnoticed by all, Fabiano never failed to reveal himself before making his exit. His aesthetics demanded the last moment be a magnificent spectacle. Taunting after yet another victory, the great thief launched himself from the castle's window, a sight as superfluous as it was uncanny. Any man could steal, but Fabiano aimed for every theft to be a performance at the height of both intelligence and grace.


See Thief Aesthete Fabiano.

Name originEdit

Fabiano is an Italian and Portuguese masculine name of Latin origin; the meaning is "grower of beans". A derivative of the old Roman clan name Fabianus, itself from Fabius, also a family name; from Latin root faba "bean". A variant of Dutch, English, German, and Polish name Fabian.

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