(Accompany) Eloquent Escort Lucio


Along their sojourn, Lucio would regale Xenovia with anecdotes from his past undertakings, and she would respond with carefree laughter. Over time, he became charmed by her cheerful yet mysterious nature. No matter how much they conversed, she rarely spoke of herself. Indeed, all that Lucio knew was how strongly she hoped to arrive at her destination. Regardless, he was determined to see her off safely, no matter how long their journey may be.


See Eloquent Escort Lucio.

Name originEdit

Lucio is an Italian, Spanish and Portuguese (as Lúcio) male given name derived from the Latin name Lucius. The meaning is "bright, born at daybreak", derived from Latin lux "light". Also an Italian surname.

Xenovia is a variant of feminine name Zenobia of Old Greek origin with the meaning "life of Zeus", derived from Greek Zeno, a prefix form of the name of Zeus, combined with bios "life".

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by Woochul Lee (atomiiii).

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