(A) Holy Appraiser Irisael


Irisael appeared only before those who had gone undefeated in combat, proving themselves true heroes. She told them of how the path to divinity lay in abandoning their worldly existence as well as having unshakable faith in the gods. Those who witnessed her awesome form yet were still capable of abandoning all fear, realizing that she has chosen to lead them into the Heavens, were the few who transcended mortality.


See (Mightform) Holy Appraiser Irisael

Name originEdit

Irisael is a blend of a feminine name Iris and traditional ending -el for most angelic names. It is derived literally from the Greek word iris with the meaning "rainbow". Also from the same Greek source derived a flower name and the coloured part of the eye.

In Greek mythology, Iris is the personification of the rainbow and messenger of the gods. She is also known as one of the goddesses of the sea and the sky. Iris links the gods to humanity. She travels with the speed of wind from one end of the world to the other, and into the depths of the sea and the underworld. Iris is represented either as a rainbow, or as a young maiden with wings on her shoulders. As a goddess, Iris is associated with communication, messages, the rainbow and new endeavors. She is married to Zephyrus, who is the god of the west wind.

Additional InfoEdit

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